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Reasons Why The Government Might Consider to Give Student Loan Forgiveness

In the generation we are living in sometimes life gets hard. It is not possible for from some of us to get education as basic as it is without getting ourselves into dept. In their quest to acquire more knowledge most students who cannot acquire bursaries or scholarships tend to get a loan to finance their studies. Even after you get the knowledge it is not usually a guarantee that you will definitely get a job after your studies that will facilitate your payment of the loan and in turn it continues to grow as it earns more and more interest. In most cases the governments of different countries come up with ways to help people do their studies by giving them loans and therefore they should be on the front line to ensure that the people are able to repay their loan on time. Therefore in this article we will discuss some of the reasons why it would be important for the government to give student loan debt.

It encourages them to work hard. We should be aware that there is a big difference between having a loan discharged and having a loan forgiven. Forgiveness of a loan means that you should have actually paid the loan but you are freed from the duty of paying it especially because you are working on areas with harsh conditions. It is a good motivation for somebody to work hard especially when they know they are working for their benefit and not to pay for a loan.

As much as it sounds contradicting giving students loan relief encourages them to pay their loan more. If the policy of giving loan relief is on the basis of how consistently somebody plays back their loan or on the installments agreed then it motivates the students to pay their loan even more to ensure that they benefit from the loan relief. This is a gain on the side of the government as they will be minimal deferment of payments and even bad debts. This actually enables the government to get money to loan other students who may want to further their studies

The people who might want to receive student loan debt forgiveness or relief it is important that they ensure they are conversant with the laws governing student loans in their country. When one has knowledge about what they are doing it keeps them from getting into trouble by going against the rules that have already been set. The government should also take the responsibility of training the public concerning student loans borrowing and all the repayment plans that are available to help them make a sound decision.

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